What is Traco Media Distributor?

A practical tool for broadcast productions, to distribute their content to various platforms like social media, YouTube etc. If required by the client, it is also possible to export to OTT, Fastserver, FTP. Media Distributor can also add intro/outro, burn graphics or subtitles.

It helps with video conversion to different formats suitable for any platform to fit your needs. Another advantage of the plugin is the ability to use presets, which makes exporting and distributing your content even quicker and easier. 


Multiplatform Distribution

Traco Media Distributor allows easy media distribution to multiple platforms including social media, over-the-top media services, Fast servers or FTP. This makes it much easier to reach your viewers, increase potential audience or accommodate the needs of your client.

Intro / Outro Insertion

Build a strong brand image by adding a short intro or outro into each video you publish. Increase brand awareness and make viewers immediately recognise your company. Our tool makes this process effortless and fast.

Burn Vizrt Graphics

Add graphic elements into your videos before publishing it. Viz Pilot provides a large library of various types useful for every media production company. News producers can benefit from an automatic lower third burn-in function.

Flexible Video Conversion

Exporting video in multiple formats for different platforms is a tedious task and can take longer than expected. Traco Media Distributor gives you the ability to choose from many video formats you need for any of your target platforms.

Closed Captions

Our tool enables producers to add subtitles or closed captions easily in the form of metadata or burn-in before delivering the content to your target platform. In addition, it allows you to add watermarks when preparing for test projections.

Preset Management

Save various types of setting presets based on the content and export type. This feature is convenient especially if you frequently perform repetitive tasks, such as sharing goals from a football match to social media, adding intro/outro sequences, slow-motion replays or adding graphics to your video.

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